Iran’s Children: Victims of Early Labor

Innocent little lives destroyed due to poverty imposed by the regime ruling Iran

What is the definition of child labour? These are small #Childrenwho are constantly placed at work and mostly deprived of going to school and enjoying their precious childhood. Child labour is banned in many countries and considered so by many international organisations due to the physical and psychological damages inflicted.

“The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (commonly abbreviated as the CRC or UNCRC) is a human rights treaty which set out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children,” as described by Wikipedia. This text aims to defend children’s rights and was adopted in 1990 after ten years of negotiations amongst the UN Member States.

June 12th is commemorated as Child #Labor Day to raise awareness annually on this issue and prevent the spread of this deplorable phenomenon.


The situation in Iran

In #iran under the mullahs’ rule, however, there are cases of children being sold or families having no choice but sending them off to work. Poverty imposed by the mullahs’ regime is forcing parents to such measures in order to make ends meet.

There are no exact statistics of how many labour children can be found in Iran.

“Around 3 million children are working across the country, according to government organisations. However, investigations carried out by popular organisations indicate over 7 million such children spread throughout Iran. Government statistics show around 20,000 such labour children in Tehran alone. In various areas, these children lack any official identification papers and small girls are also seen working as maids.

Most labour children are forced to accept arranged marriages once they reach the age of 10 to 12, according to Tehran’s City Council Social Committee Chairman.

Most of these children are deprived of any education as official numbers show at least 30% of these children don’t go to school, 31% are aged between 6 to 11 and 9% are actually below the age of 6. Unbelievably, 60% of these children are their families’ only source of income.

With each passing day reports show such labour children are involved in a variety of different areas of work. Some are even used to clean the carcases of animals killed for meat. Some are involved in household jobs, others in factories and even carrying heavy loads in provinces bordering neighbouring countries where smugglers are active.

Contracting firms are known to use Afghan migrants’ children to search trash fields for a variety of goods that may be found for sale.


Even more numbers

Research shows 45% of labour children and those living on the streets are suffering from illnesses such as AIDS, hepatitis and others. These children are also known to be suffering from malnutrition, being short in height, low weight, skin illnesses and psychological disorders.

Many such children work at least 6 hours a day and don’t eat even a single decent meal, providing the grounds for these children to obtain even more illnesses.

A large number of these children are seen carrying heavy loads and begin suffering from back problems at a very early age. And since they have no access to medical care, such an illness paves the path for even more problems further down the road.

Despite enduring all this suffering these children only receive one fifth of a normal worker’s salary. However, a long slate of risks continuously threatens their lives. If they suffer any injuries, there is no entity willing to provide any support at all.

Those children who are obligated to help their families make ends meet, those who do not have proper IDs, find themselves being sold by their families, not knowing where they will end up.

Iran’s children are suffering from such conditions while year after year the regime provides huge budgets for its vast security, military, political and propaganda machine. For example, 150 trillion tomans (around $42.86 billion) is allocated to state-run TV and radio stations.

A picture is a thousand words…

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Iran’s Children: Victims of Drug-Addiction

Children addicted to drugs are victims of the corrupt mullahs’ regime in Iran. The numbers have been rising at an alarming rate. In other words, the subject of babies born as drug-addicts is yet another atrocity in the Iranian people’s puzzle of pains and poverty.

Women who have fallen victims to drugs bring to life innocent newborns and transfer this horrific inheritance to their children.

Mostafa Saraj, Director of the City Health Department in Tehran Province referred to the fact that 80 to 90 percent of babies born from drug-addicted mothers lose their lives.

“The death of these newborns in nurseries is quite common and we cannot do anything,” he said according to the Salamat News website.

Iran’s startling numbers

Various organisations report 73% of children suffering from drug addiction are boys and 27% are girls. 31% of these children have not reached the age of going to school, 36% have not gone to school, 20% have dropped out of school and 13% are currently in school. Most of these children are in elementary school.

Drug addiction amongst school children is on the rise due to using “industrial, psychedelics and chemical narcotics”, according to Hassan Mousavi Chalak, head of the Iran Aid Workers Association.

Groups involved in smuggling and distributing narcotics target young schoolchildren as they can be a source of income for years to come, he added.

The budget allocated to confront and prevent drug addiction amongst schoolchildren is far below what is necessary.

“In today’s world, $20 is spent for each student in the fight against drug addiction, while in Iran we are spending half a dollar,” chair of the Iranian parliament’s Education & Research Commission said.

Confirming statistics of 30,000 drug addicts amongst Iran’s schoolchildren, he called on the regime’s officials to blueprint a plan for this issue.

Facts show Iran is in the path of the world’s most active narcotics highway. Despite all the country’s borders being supposedly closed to drug smugglers, a number of drugs found in Iran is literally unbelievable.

Regime does nothing

Unfortunately, the regime in Iran prefers to have the youth involved in drugs to quell their voice and silence any questioning of the mullahs’ rule. A program by state TV in Iran admitted the drug addiction age has decreased to eight, meaning even small children are now targeted.

How can such a young child become so easily addicted? Many experts argue the reason is drugs in Iran are very easy to obtain. Numbers show these narcotics can be purchased much faster than standing in line at a bakery for a loaf of bread.

All this is taking place at a time when the mullahs’ regime in Iran is continuously jailing and/or executing people under the pretext of drug smuggling, claiming a role in fighting drugs. However, how true is this claim?

“Poverty, people resorting to living in city outskirts and the increasing issue of drug addiction are spreading like a disease across the country while no short or long-term plan is seen to prevent this phenomenon… and children are the main victims,” an expert said, shedding light how Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has failed to take any action in this regard.

“In our hospitals, no care is provided until a child reaches the overdose stage. Iran’s medical system has no initiative to help child drug addicts rehabilitate,” he continued.

Unfortunately, each day three or four babies are born #Addicted To Drugs. Iran is also home to two million child workers. No institution in the #iranian regime has any responsibility to take any action on babies being born addicted and the alarming trend of children becoming addicted to drugs. We are also witnessing how poverty is forcing families to literally sell their newborns.

As long as Iran continues to execute low-profile drug dealers and no action is taken against those in power in Tehran, we will only witness more of the same.

Iran’s Children: Mandatory Marriages

The mullahs ruling Iran are actually encouraging, and forcing, families to wed off their girls at young ages

Yet another hideous phenomenon seen in #iran under the mullahs’ rule is the unthinkable practice of children forced off to mandatory #Marriages. The victims, who are placed into such situations at extremely young ages due to poverty, are left to face physical and psychological damages.

Young girls are the main targets of such inhumane measures, with the mullahs institutionalising these acts under Iran’s misogynist laws. And yet, based on human rights covenants, “child marriages” are considered acts of slavery and crimes against humanity. In such marriages, girls are actually sold to relieve their families of their economic burdens.

Iran’s children damaged in early marriages

This shocking phenomenon is so widespread the regime’s own state-run media is forced to react. The depth of this disaster can be comprehended from the words of an Iranian regime official, “Currently, 43,000 girls between the ages of 10 to 15 are married.”

“We have even witnessed girls under the age of 10 getting married,” said Shahindokht Molavardi, Iran’s deputy vice president.

There are families who cannot make ends meet and force their girls into marriages with individuals twice their age, according to a report wired by Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency. In Iran, 890,000 girls under the age of 18 were married off from 2006 to 2015.

Iran has 10 million completely illiterate and another 10 million semi-illiterate individuals across the country. These are dangerous statistics and are directly related to the number of child marriages,” state-run Mehr news agency reported.

“The income division in Iran is yet another reason behind increasing child marriages,” the report reads.

“17% of all marriages are related to girls under the age of 18 and in 2015 more than 5% of all marriages were registered to individuals under the age of 15. These statistics do not include non-registered marriages.”

According to Iran’s civil law girls are permitted to marry at the age of 13 and boys at 15. This reactionary law even permits marriages prior to these ages, only in need of permission from a court and the parents.

“If these two parties confirm, #Children at the age of six can be legally married,” said Iranian MP Fateme Zolqadr in reference to this law.

Shahla E’zazi, a sociologist and member of the Tabatabaie University Board of Science said in 2015 the number of child marriages increased by 10,000 in comparison to 2014 and their divorces have also increased.

In Iran under the religious fascist mullahs’ rule access to true statistics of child marriages is impossible and the media expressed in the regime’s controlled media most certainly reflect only a tip of the iceberg.


Iran’s mullahs encouraging child marriages

Considering all the damages caused by child marriages, the ruling mullahs in Iran continue to promote such a practice. Mullah Mohsen Ghera’ati made repulsive remarks in this regard.

“There must be an urgency regarding marriages. Boys and girls must get married in high school (and not in college),” he said. This is a clear resemblance of the mullah’s misogynist ideology.

Children involved in early marriages suffer social and physical damages. The social damages includes unregistered marriages, lack of identification papers, number of “child widows” on the rise, violence at home and spouse beatings, significant rise in population of city outskirt residents, prostitution, children fleeing their homes, number of homeless people, deprivation from education, significant age different between spouses, self-immolation and suicides, low social and legal support, rise in drug addiction, lack of skills to enter the job market, lack of knowledge to grow children, rise in poverty and rise in child workers. (State-run Iran Online website)