Iran: Heavy jamming signals killing people in Shiraz

Following widespread rallies staged in Shiraz (southern Iran) protesting Revolutionary Guards practice of broadcasting heavy jamming signals and its devastating impact on people’s health, the regime’s Communications Minister actually claimed such signals are of no harm!

Shiraz locals, who have been demonstrating against jamming signals and the cancer side-effects for the people of this city, believe the claims made by the Iranian regime official is a major neglect of the people’s demands, and more importantly, paving the path for the IRGC to continue broadcasting the devastating signals.

“These waves and jamming signals have side-effects and are very effective in causing cancer,” the Iranian regime’s Deputy Health Minister said in striking remarks last month.

“Initial investigations have recently shown these jamming signals have side-effects and are effective in causing cancer,” the Iranian regime’s research deputy in the Health Ministry said in a speech in Shiraz.


Placard reads: “Jamming signals = Headache. Cancer. Nerve Disorders. Life Disrupted”

A state-run media wrote in this regard: “Now, with the remarks of two Deputy Health Ministers, all arguments of jamming signals not being damaging have been rejected. What is certain is a large number of citizens have lost their lives due to these jamming signals.”

“Researchers say electromagnetic signals have dangerous side-effects on the human body,” state-run media have written citing experts describing jamming signals as silent murders.

“Installing jamming signal towers on top of Mt. Derak near Shiraz has resulted in illnesses, including heavy headaches amongst Shiraz locals,” said one Shiraz resident, coinciding with claims made by the Communications Minister and broadcasted by state-run media.

Shiraz locals have taken to social media to post details of the regime’s jamming signal devices installed by the IRGC on top of Mt. Derak.

“Mator 8 is the name of the device purchased by the Fars Province IRGC from China at a price of $8 million and installed on Mt. Derak. The jamming signals broadcasted are so severe that it covers 400 kilometers outside of Fars Province itself. According to an analysis provided by the Fars Province Medical Sciences Organization, the jamming signals broadcasted by these devices will cause 24,000 new cases of cancer in this province,” the posts read.

“The spread of headaches, especially in city’s western areas, have made people concerned of the continuation of this trend that is endangering people’s lives,” two Iranian regime MPs from Shiraz said in this regard.

“The case involving jamming signals has been pursued in the past three years because it is obviously damaging for people’s health. However, the judiciary has stopped pursuing this issue,” a judiciary lawyer said.

Around 5 weeks ago the people of Shiraz staged many demonstration and rallies, protesting the regime officials’ neglect, while these very officials resorted to hollow pledges aimed at silencing angry protesters.

However, people are growing increasingly concerned following the latest remarks made by the Communications Minister denying the dangerous nature of the jamming signals.

This is yet another sign of the regime in Tehran not caring at all about the well-being of the Iranian people themselves.


A woman attending a rally in Shiraz, southern Iran, holds a placard reading: “I now have bone cancer due to jamming signals and I cannot pay the medical fees.”

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