Iran: imminent executions, harsh prisons & increasing protests

10 inmates face imminent execution in prison west of Tehran

Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran

10 death row inmates in Gohardasht Prison of Karaj, west of Tehran, were transferred to solitary confinement on the morning of Saturday, December 10th, in preparation for their executions.

One of these inmates is Abdullah Ghaffari from ward 2 of this jail. These ten inmates are scheduled to be executed soon.



Female political prisoner severely attacked in Kerman Prison, south-central Iran

Political prisoner Afsane Baizadi in Kerman Prison

Political prisoner Afsane Baizadi was severely attacked by authorities in Kerman Prison, south-central Iran, after protesting the facility’s inhumane conditions.

“It has been around two weeks since the ward’s heating has been turned off and we have been deprived of any hot water and showers. We are serving our time under very harsh and isolated conditions. Political prisoner began protesting such conditions to the prison authorities and Ms. Baizadi began chanting ‘Death to Dictator’ and ‘Death to the Islamic republic.’ The authorities attacked and began severely beating her,” a prisoner in Baizadi’s ward reported.

Baizadi is a Kurdish Iranian college student who was condemned on June 20th of this year to four years behind bars and exiled to Kerman Prison. The charges raised against her include propaganda against the establishment, insulting Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei and cooperating with a Kurdish party.

“I am the same Afsane who was tortured and placed under suffering for 90 days. During this period I was tortured in every possible way. During my first days in detention the torture reached a point that I couldn’t even walk. My legs and back were completely swollen black,” she had written in a previous letter shedding light on the medieval tortures imposed on her during her arrest.

She was summoned and interrogated time and again by the Iranian regime’s notorious Ministry of Intelligence. It is worth noting that the women’s ward in Kerman Prison has 92 inmates detained for different crimes, including 11 political prisoners who are kept in a completely isolated environment.



College students in northern Iran demand release of political prisoners

Mazandaran University, northern Iran

A session was held to discuss the nuclear agreement between the international community and Iran, known as the JCPOA, on Saturday, December 10th, in Mazandaran University, in northern Iran.

Iranian MP Mohammad Ali Najafi took part in this session where the students taking part chanted slogans demanding the release of all political prisoners. The university is alive, they also said in their slogans.




500 miners protest in Shahrood, east of Tehran

Tarze workers holding protest gathering

More than 500 miners of the Tarze coal mine rallied on Saturday, December 10th outside the administrative office of this mine in the city of Shahrood, east of the capital, Tehran, demanding their delayed wages. These workers have not received their paychecks for the past 4 months.

The mine managers pledged last week in a similar rally held by the workers to respond to their demands and send them their paychecks. However, no such measure has been taken.

The miners are saying they are concerned that considering the fact that they are reaching the last months of the Iranian calendar the managers will also refrain from paying them their New Year bonuses.



Glass/gas workers stage rally outside regime parliament

Gas & Glass Factory in Shoga

At 8 am on Saturday morning workers of the Shoga Gas and Glass Factory rallied in Tehran outside the Iranian regime’s parliament demanding to return to work, reports from inside the country indicate.

The protesters raised placards written, “We are a group of fired workers of the Gas and Glass Factory despite having 20 years of experience in this work. We demand to be able to return to work.”



IRGC members kill a Kurdish load-carrier, injuring another

Systematic killing of load-carriers in the mullahs’ dictatorship

Members of the Iranian regime’s notorious Revolutionary Guards opened fire and killed Kurdish load-carrier in a village near the city of Maku, northwestern Iran. This incident took place on Thursday, December 8th, reports indicate.

Majid Dadkhah, the victim, was taken by IRGC members to their outpost station.

On this same day other IRGC members opened fire on another such load-carrier in the village of Ezgele near Babajani, northwestern Iran, leaving him injured as a result.

These crimes against the deprived load-carriers are taking place under the pretext of confronting smuggling of goods. However, according to the remarks made by the regime’s own officials, billions of dollars of goods are being smuggled into the country through the IRGC’s exclusive transits and ports, without any hurdles throughout the entire process.


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