My Iran report – Dec 5, 2016

Hossein Mousavian

Mousavian: Iran regime change may return to agenda

Hossein Mousavian is a former Iranian regime ambassador to Germany back in the 1990s and the man providing logistics for the famous Mykonos restaurant killings, former spokesman for the Iranian regime’s nuclear negotiations team in early 2000s, and now an active Iran lobbyists in the United States. He was also very active during the nuclear talks between the international community and Iran.

“With Donald Trump coming to power, more serious threats may be raised and an agenda for regime change may be activated once again. Figures who have been introduced as his foreign policy, security and military team are all well-known figures who are considered anti-Iran and anti-JCPOA, believing in overthrowing the Islamic Republic,” he said.

“Concerns are very grave. The current Republican majority in the Congress is against Obama’s engagement policies with Iran and they may seek compensation during Trump’s tenure by launching a heavy attack against the Islamic Republic,” Mousavian continued.

“The anti-Iran font will most definitely take advantage of America’s probable internal disputes and attempt to inflict more damage to Iran,” he emphasized.



Rafsanjani: undiscovered network of corruption infiltrating into all systems

Former Iranian regime president Akbar Rafsanjani

Former Iranian regime president Akbar Rafsanjani in his remarks made to state-run Arman daily published on December 4th admitted there is an undiscovered network of corruption that has infiltrated into all of the country’s systems.

“Various enemies of [Iranian regime founder Ruhollah Khomeini] and … Khamenei portray themselves as friends, while they have infiltrated into sensitive centers, and they have easily expressed hatred against Iran,” he said.

“Our intelligence-security services are placing their best efforts to prevent any attacks against (oil tycoon) Babak Zanjani… Zanjani is not a single figure. He represent an entire network. As (Iranian oil minister Bijan) Zanganeh said, is it possible to give billions of dollars’ worth of crude oil to such a simple person? This is a network that started from inside the country and expanded abroad. This network has not been discovered, meaning an individual by the name of Babak Zanjani is not everything… even after the sanctions were lifted it takes many years to discover each and every single barrel of smuggled oil, and take them out of the country’s system. This network has infiltrated into all of the country’s systems and made everything filthy,” Rafsanjani added.



Tensions flare in parliament during Rouhani visit

Rouhani speaking in the parliament [File Photo]
The parliament witnessed an atmosphere of tension during the remarks of Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani when a budget bill was to be presented. A number of MPs began protesting, forcing parliament speaker Ali Larijani to continuously attempt to make them silent.

“If the U.S. Senate bill is implemented it will be a clear nuclear agreement violation. This will result in a firm response from our side. We even consider the signing of this bill by the U.S. president as against America’s commitments and it will face necessary reactions. The necessary decisions will be made this week by the committee overlooking the nuclear agreement,” Rouhani said with concerns.



Female college students rally in dormitory

Students protesting in Tabatabaie University

A large number of female college students in the Farahmand dormitory of Alame Tabatabaie University staged a rally at 8:30 pm on Saturday, December 3rd protesting misogynist laws and restrictions imposed as curfews for the dormitory.

“We are protesting and we will go nowhere until we get answers,” the college students were heard shouting.

While the students were reading their rally statement the dormitory caretaker resorted to repressive measures, taking the statement and tearing it apart.

Campus security also threatened the students not to report their rally to the media, or else none of their demands will be met.



Young Baluchis transferred from IRGC intel to Hamedan Prison

Increasing pressure on prisoners

Iranian regime agents transferred five Baluchi political prisoners from solitary confinement of the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence ward to general wards of Hamedan Prison in western Iran.

These young men, held under torture and solitary confinement in an IRGC intelligence ward for 5 months and 15 days, have now been transferred to wards 2 and 3 of Hamedan Central Prison.

The names of these prisoners are:

Abdul-Hakim Chakeri, 20 years old

Abdul-Khalegh Farhadi-pour, 22 years old

Adham Chakeri, 22 years old

Abdul-Hagh Rigi, 30 years old

Kazem Reisi, around 26 years of age

Around 6 months ago IRGC intel agents raided their homes in the village of Jalegh, near the city of Saravan, arresting the young men and transferring them to IRGC intel cells where they were placed under severe torture.



Protests, strikes reported in four provinces

Protest rally in Hormozgan, southern Iran

People from all walks of life in the cities of Tehran, Khuzestan, Hormozgan and Zanjan provinces staged rallies or went on strikes on Saturday, December 3rd.

Medical aid trainees protested outside the Health Ministry in Tehran, demanding answers to their limbo occupation conditions.

In Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, a group of medical aid trainees protested lack of job security. This rally was held in the city of Ahvaz.

In Hormozgan Province, southern Iran, around 500 workers of the al-Mehdi Aluminum Complex held a rally demanding their delayed paychecks and protesting lack of job security.

Gold retailers in Zanjan, northwest Iran, went on strike and closed their stores on Saturday morning protesting tax embezzlement and current recession in the bazaar.



Protest rally in Natanz

Protest rally in Natanz

A group of people in the cities of Kamjan and Taraqrud protested high air pollution caused by regime-controlled mines in this area. This rally was held outside the regime’s governorate office in Natanz as protesters demanded measures to protect the environment and their cities’ natural resources.


And some news from Syria

Rallies in different cities supporting Aleppo

People in Syria demonstrating in support of Aleppo

Despite the freezing winter cold in various parts of Syria, people in different cities rallied to condemn military campaigns against civilians in Aleppo, and also those forced from their homes in various parts of the country. These measures are all imposed by Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.

Residents of East Ghouta near Damascus staged a rally calling for Assad’s overthrow. They chanted slogans declaring their solidarity with the people of Aleppo. Even senior citizens joined this rally to voice their support for Aleppo.

The city of Ma’ret Ne’man in Idlib Province was also the scene of a demonstration where protesters sent messages to the Syrian opposition fighters inside the country and the international community to unite for Aleppo.



Russian pilots refuse to bomb Syria

Russian warplanes

Two Russian Air Force pilots, serving in an airbase near Kursk, refused to fly missions to bomb civilians in Syria, according to published reports.

The two pilots have been expelled from the Russian military and their names have been kept secret.




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