Iran exporting terrorism & narcotics to Middle East states: report

Iran is source of terrorism: Arab coalition spokesman

General Ahmed Assiri

The provision of long range missiles being to the Houthis in Yemen will render grave consequences, warned General Ahmd Assiri, official spokesman of the Arab coalition forces.
“The spread of these types of ballistic weapons is neither in the interest of regional states nor the world. The weapons currently possessed by the Houthis has most likely expanded by now, reaching the hands of groups such as the terrorist Lebanese Hezbollah and Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), and other terrorists,” General Assiri said.
“By supporting the Houthi militias through providing smuggled weapons Iran intends to prolong the war in Yemen and further its destruction… the regime in Iran is the source of terrorism,” he said in an interview with Asharq daily.


Lebanese cleric warns of Iran exporting narcotics to Arab countries

Alame Seid Mohamed Ali al-Husseini

Iran is exporting narcotics to Arab countries, warned Alame Seid Mohammad Ali Al-Husseini, Secretary General of the Lebanese Islamic-Arabic Council, in an interview with al-Madina daily on November 30th.
“Iran is attempting infiltrate into Arab countries by provoking sectarianism and distributing narcotics. The mullahs’ regime has from the very beginning used weapons, provoked sectarianism and exported its lethal viewpoints of spreading the revolution, all aimed at increasing its foothold in the region. Currently Iran is focused on exporting narcotics,” he said.
“Various sources have emphasized the mullahs’ regime, and especially the Revolutionary Guards, have begun planning to export narcotic pills and heroine powder, and intending to give a green light to a number of narcotics dealers in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, the Persian Gulf, Venezuela and Bolivia. Heroine is generally the most dangerous and most horrific type of all narcotics,” he added.


And some news from Syria…

Syria: 35 Iran militias killed in Aleppo

Rebels staging attacks in Aleppo, Syria

Free Syrian Army members defeated an attack staged by the troops of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad on Wednesday aiming to take hold of Aleppo’s Sheikh Saeed district. Dozens of militias linked to Iran were killed in this attack.
35 Iran-linked militias were killed in these attacks and a number of others were injured, said Captain Abdulsalam Abdulrazzaq, a spokesman of groups linked to the FSA, in an interview with Orient TV. FSA rebels were able to retake all positions taken over by the militias in Sheikh Saeed.
The FSA also captured four Iran-linked militias, all from Afghanistan.
Thousands of civilians have been forced to flee areas controlled by Iran-backed Shiite militias, seeking shelter in northeast Aleppo.


Rebels take over strategic city of al-Bab in northern Syria

Attacks staged by the Free Syrian Army

Opposition fighters continue to retake villages from Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) control in northern Syria and Free Syrian Army members have advanced from Aleppo towards the strategic city of al-Bab, Orient TV reported.
FSA members cleansed the towns of Khalile and al-Ajime in their campaign of “Operation Forat Shield.” On the other hand, Turkish warplanes conducted airstrikes against four Daesh bases, destroying a number of their military vehicles.
FSA fighters also took over the towns of Sabuyran, al-Khalile and Azzazur. These towns are located east of al-Bab on a road linking this town to the city of Minbej. With these victories the FSA has made advances towards al-Bab with support provided by the Turkish military. Turkish warplanes have continued to bomb Daesh bases in this area.
The liberation of these towns facilitates FSA’s attack against the city of al-Bab. As a result, FSA fighters have reached areas only five kilometers from the town of Baja’e. Taking over the city of Saflaniye has also become much more realistic for the rebels as a result.
On the other hand, the FSA can also completely retake the city of Qabasin from Daesh.


Syria: Assad militia commander killed in Aleppo

Assad militia commander in Aleppo

Battles enraging in east Aleppo resulted in the death of Mohamed Rafe al-Arab, a commander of the “Quds Brigade” linked to the Assad regime, Syrian activists reported. He was killed by Syrian opposition rebels.
It is worth noting this individual had received a medal of “heroism” from the Russian army for taking part in military operations and supporting the Assad military.


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