My Iran report – Dec 1, 2016


Iran: Sunni prisoner becomes paralyzed behind bars
Sunni prisoner Suleiman Pirouti has become half paralyzed after authorities in Iran deprived him of any medical care. He also is no longer able to speak.
He is currently in dire conditions after suffering his second heart attack last week and forced to return to prison prior to his finalizing his rehab process in the hospital. Prison authorities have also deprived him of any medical care during this period.
It is worth noting that his hands and feet are chained to his hospital bed, and beaten by prison guards while in such conditions.

Iran: political prisoner on 9th day of hunger strike
A Sunni political prisoner in Iran by the name of Foad Rezazadeh entered his 10th day of hunger strike on Wednesday, November 30th. This political prisoner launched his hunger strike protesting authorities preventing from seeing his father and also refusing to allow him to take part in a grieving ceremony. He is currently held in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj, west of Tehran.
This political prisoner, held in hall 21 of ward 7, has already lost 7 kilograms of his weight and his blood pressure has dropped below 9.
The physical conditions of this political prisoner is reported as dire, and yet prison authorities are depriving him of any medical care.

Iran: political prisoner sees physical health deteriorating
Political prisoner Morteza Radpour, on hunger strike ever since November 1st, is continuing his protest despite his deteriorating health. Reports indicate he has fainted due to physical fatigue.
This prisoner has refrained from referring to the prison clinic and emphasizes on his demands.
He launched his hunger strike protesting inhumane conditions in prison. On the other hand, prison authorities have also deprived of adequate amounts of drinking water, and water for ordinary chores. Despite the extremely cold weather the authorities are also banning his family from providing him any warm clothing.
The mullahs’ so-called courts have sentenced Radpour to three years behind bars on charges of “assembly and collusion… against national security, and propaganda against the establishment.”

Iran: 17 protesters arrested
17 members of the Workers Housing Cooperative, all belonging to a auto factory in Tehran, were arrested on Tuesday, November 29th while protesting in Abiyek.
These workers were arrested while rallying against the illegal confiscation of lands belonging to this workers’ union in the town of Abiyek.


Suicide in northwest Iran city
A middle aged man in the city of Urmia committed suicide by throwing himself off a ten-story building, reports indicate.
His clothing struck electric cables and caught on fire, eventually falling upon a fire truck, further reports describe. Eyewitnesses say the man was alive until the moment he was being transferred to a hospital.

A 14 year old girl in the town of Mamesani took her own life on Tuesday, November 29th, by shooting herself with a gun, incoming reports indicate.
The motive behind this suicide remains unclear. However, the horrendous pressures imposed by the mullahs’ regime in Iran on the youth leaves them with no hope, especially amongst women and young girls.
Unfortunately, a teacher in the city of Behbahan has committed suicide and lost his life.
Seifollah Bidari was his name and he had written a short memo reading, “I had no choice. I cannot make ends meet in life.”


Iran: Iralco workers stage protest rally
Around 500 employees of the Arak Aluminum Company staged a rally protesting management measures and demanding the chief to step down.
The protesters, rallying on Tuesday, November 29th, also prevented any trucks from leaving company grounds. This picket line began a few days prior and on Tuesday the organizers witnessed many workers joining the protest.

Victims of property loss scandal stage rally in western Iran

A group of protesting stockholders rallied on Tuesday in the city of Kermanshah, western Iran, demanding answers after suffering from various property loss scandals, reports indicate.
The protesters demanded regime officials, known as thieves amongst the people, to return their losses.
It is worth noting that these protesters staged rallies for three consecutive days. However, to this day they have not received any answers to their demands.

Stockholders protest in two Iran cities demanding repayment

Supplementary reports from a protest rally staged outside the regime’s public prosecutor office in Mashhad, northeast Iran, on Tuesday indicates demonstrating stockholders were demanding answers after being left in a limbo for two years.
The protesters began chanting slogans against regime officials, saying their lives have been ruined due to various stock loss scandals.
It is worth noting this rally was scheduled to be held outside the regime’s parliament in Tehran. However, the stockholders relocated to Masshad after learning of Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani’s presence in the city.
A similar rally was also held in the city of Ardebil, northwest Iran, by other stockholders who had lost their savings to the “Caspian Company” after the firm announced bankruptcy.

Iran: three cities witness protest rallies

Various groups of people staged protest rallies on Tuesday in three different cities of Iran, including Hendijan, Bojnourd and Shiraz.
Farmers in Hendijan protested the drying of Zohre River due to dams built upriver, seriously threatening the farmers’ outcomes. These protesters blocked roads to make their voices heard.
Reports from Shiraz indicate people in the town of Gium, 28 kilometers from Shiraz, protested the fact that their homes’ gas has been cut off. This rally was staged outside the town’s Gas Department.
The protesters demanded answers from Fars Province gas director, especially considering the winter season cold.
In Bojnourd municipality workers rallied outside the so-called city council, protesting how their paychecks have been delayed.





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