Iran regime disrupts social media networks prior to Students Day

Internet disrupted by regime measures in Iran

The mullahs’ regime has intensified its repressive measures on the verge of December 6th, marking Students Day in Iran, severely disrupting social media networks.
The internet was severely slowed on Saturday and Sunday, November 26th and 27th, making many of the important information websites inaccessible and causing serious problems for those who sought to upload data to servers outside of Iran, according to reports from inside the country.
IranCell internet connections were completely cut off and many information websites including Pars Online, Affront, FanAva, Shuttle, Host Iran, Fan up, and Despina were facing serious disruptions.
On Monday the entire IranCell data system was disrupted for many hours. The data systems of Bank Meli, Bank Meat, and Pasargad were completely inaccessible. The networks of most of the internet supporters were cut off and access to many websites was severely disrupted.
Rumors were spreading about how the mullahs’ regime is terrified of news of student protests leaking outside the country through the internet.


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