France24: Youths lashed in Iran is normal

Public lashings in Iran under the mullahs’ regime

France24 aired a report on the crackdown of the mullahs’ regime in Iran against youths across the country. This piece is titled, “Youth being lashed is normal in Iran.”
Here is a brief look:
Young Iranians protest violent punishments imposed by authorities. Iranians accused of violating the laws of the Islamic Republic are facing medieval punishments, such as lashings. These youths have posted images on the Internet to protest such measures by Iranian authorities.
A young Iranian sentenced to 20 lashes has posted images of his bruised body on the internet. These punishments show that the Iranian regime is resorting to various types of medieval punishments.
In every city in Iran there are thousands of arrests being made, and this trend has become normal. The number of youths facing sharia law in Iran is much higher than what is reported in the media.



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