Syria: special report on latest conditions in Aleppo


Coinciding with the atrocious crimes carried out by the Assad regime in Aleppo, the outskirts of this city are also facing attacks by Assad forces and elements dispatched by the Iranian regime.

The massacres, aerial bombings and crimes committed by the Assad regime and Khamenei’s Revolutionary Guards against the Syrian people is not limited to any particular region. As the world is disgusted with the bombings carried out against Aleppo, the people of this city are victims of continuous crimes committed by Assad, the Iranian regime and Russia.


The city remains under attack as Iranian regime militias and Assad forces are staging ground attacks while Russian warplanes continue their aerial bombings.


Aleppo residents are saying the situation is extremely dire and the battlefronts are very close to residential areas. The people oppose Assad’s corrupt regime as it continues to plunder innocent residents of Aleppo and other cities across the country.


Warplanes are bombing the city 24 hours a day. Assad is allowing criminals and mercenaries to attack Aleppo. The residents truly have no place to find any shelter.


The Lebanese Hezbollah and other Iranian regime militias, alongside Russia, are supporting the Assad regime, and the people of Syria and Aleppo have no support at all.

The conditions in southern Aleppo are also quite devastating due to the bombings and the support provided by the Iranian regime and its militias of the Assad regime.


These elements are killing the Syrian people, including women and children. People are specifically witnessing many women and children being killed in southern Aleppo.

This is the result of the Russian planes bombing Aleppo and Iranian regime militia forces supporting Assad forces on the ground.



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