Iran MP: 5,000 on death row


By Heshmat Alavi

An MP in Iran’s so-called parliament, aka Majlis, admitted there are 5,000 people on death row in the mullahs’ prisons spread across the country.

Noruzi, representing the town of Robot Karim near Tehran, referred to a tip of the iceberg of the huge numbers of arrests, imprisonment, crackdown measures and executions under the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

“… 5,000 individuals are death row now and more than 90% were sentenced to death for possessing narcotics. They are aged between 20 and 30…,” he added.

“Following the 1979 revolution in Iran this country enjoyed a population of 30 million, with 10,000 inmates behind bars. Currently, Iran has a population of 80 million and more than 200,000 in prison,” Noruzi continued.

While the population has more than doubled, the number of inmates has increased twenty fold!

“There are many cases of widespread executions… we have executed so many people, executed a person each day, and the execution of drug offenders is very high,” said another Iranian MP in reference to the growing hatred of executions in Iran.


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