Iran executes 11 inmates in 48 hours

Iran continuously executing more inmates

The inhumane mullahs’ regime has executed 11 inmates in a span of 48 hours. This killing spree began when four prisoners were hanged Wednesday, November 23rd, in public in the town of Qeshem in southern Iran.

Another inmate in Mahabad Central Prison, western Iran, was hanged in the early morning hours of Thursday, November 24th. This prisoner, Jamsheed Tahami, was from the city of Sardasht in western Iran. He was a married man and a father of three children.

It is worth noting that the mullahs’ regime also sent two prisoners to the gallows in Gilan, northern Iran, and another four inmates were mass executed in Karaj Central Prison, west of Tehran.

The Iranian regime is increasing its use of executions to impose a horrendous climate of fear, itself terrified of the powder keg atmosphere in today’s society across the country.

According to recent remarks made by a so-called Iranian MP, this regime’s prisons are also home to 5,000 death row inmates.

These executions and such horrendous human rights conditions in Iran are being reported at a time when the Iranian regime’s lobby in the West and the pro-appeasement camp continue to claim human rights are actually improving in Iran.

However, they fail to mention the very fact that nearly 3,000 people have been executed in the tenure of “moderate” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

It is high time for the international community to consider taking serious action against human rights violations in Iran. The Iran nuclear deal, while flawed in many perspectives, has forced Iran to curb back many aspects of its clandestine and dangerous nuclear program.

A similar approach is needed on Iran’s human rights violations and this dossier must be referred to the United Nations Security Council for the mullahs’ to be condemned and sanctioned for such atrocities.


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