Dozens of IRGC commandos killed near Iran-Iraq-Turkey border

Iran’s IRGC forces

50 Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) commandos have been killed in the Qandil and Jasusan mountain region near the Iran-Iraq-Turkey border triangle, Iran’s state-run Sharq daily reported recently citing IRGC spokesman Ramezan Sharif.
Following reports based on serious disputes between the IRGC and the cabinet of Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani, Sharif rushed to the scene to deny and downgrade such claims.

“Currently 50 of our commanders have been killed while attempting to retake the Qandil and Jasusan mountain region,” he said. Various dissident Iranian Kurdish groups are stationed in these areas.

These Iranian Kurdish groups have launched numerous attacks against the IRGC in these regions, especially after March of this year, Sharif added. The Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Free Liberty Party (PJAK) are two groups active in this area.

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