Trump Administration & Iran regime change policy?

Ambassador John Bolton

Following the news these days we are hearing a rainbow of different perspectives about the possible candidates of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet. Up to seven names even have been mentioned in the media for the highly important post of Secretary of State. The mullahs’ regime in Iran is growing more and more terrified about this new development, especially considering the fact that former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton are two of the names raised in this regard.

The entire lineup proposed currently, especially the three recent candidates for attorney general, CIA director and national security advisor are all fierce opponents of the Iran nuclear deal. All eyes are set on the selections Trump and his team, especially Vice President-elect Mike Pence, are introducing to the American people.

The Iran dilemma is a dossier Trump will be inheriting from President Barack Obama as a case where his administration has failed miserably. Iran has enjoyed these 8 years and taken full advantage to advance its influence across the Middle East, further expand its domestic crackdown and secretly continue its highly controversial nuclear program despite the deal signed with the international community.

Bolton is raising serious eyebrows by setting an unprecedented example. He is calling for regime change in Iran as the “only long-term solution” in Iran.

“I think the people of Iran would long for a new regime,” Bolton said in a recent interview, going on to suggest the U.S. should support opposition groups seeking to overthrow the mullahs. “…I think there are ways of supporting the opposition that does not involve the use of American military force, that does involve helping the opposition to get a different kind of government.”

These remarks are making the mullahs in Tehran shiver and ponder deeply about what the future may hold. It goes beyond doubt that a new administration in Washington will mark the end of a long era of appeasement spearheaded by Obama. The Iranian people and the regime in Tehran are fully comprehending this significant transition.


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