Pioneers of Defending Human Rights


Human rights violations in Iran


Originally published in Ezine Articles

The news about the terrorist attack on Malala Yousafzai the teenage Pakistani activist led to a wave of international condemnations. Sometime later, Malala was awarded with the Nobel Peace prize that she deserved. But, is any one indeed aware of the extent of oppression and crime that has been going on against thousands of “Malalas” since 35 years ago by the ruling mullahs in Iran?

What has been brought before public about the crime of mullahs against the Iranian women is just a tip of iceberg of what is indeed going on in Iran. In order to have a better understanding of the reactionary ideology of the Iran’s ruling mullahs, it is better to read some remarks by top ranking leaders of this regime on how they view government and status of women.

• Khomeini: “Velayat Faghih”(rule of mullahs) is like determining a spouse for a kid. There is no difference between people and a kid.

• Khomeini in his book named “Tahrir al-Vasila”: “women are evil creatures. If a woman refrains from maintaining a suitable place for satisfaction of her husband, then her husband has the right to bit her and take tougher measures until she is forced to submit.”

• Rafsanjani – June 7th, 1991:” the physical difference between women and men proves that men better fit all activities. The size of brain of men is bigger. These differences are important in determining responsibilities, rights and occupations of women.”

Yes, with such an ideology based on theocratic fascism and misogyny of the medieval regime that Khomeini established in Iran in 1979, he managed to become the point of aspiration for all fundamentalists in Muslim nations.

A quick look at some events related to the condition of women in Iran since beginning of the rule of mullahs in Iran in 1979:

• Many women lost their jobs for disobeying Khomeini’s religious decree of compulsory veil
• Khomeini issued a decree for raping of imprisoned girls and taking blood of political prisoners
• Women constitute one third of 120000 executed political prisoners in Iran
• Women and girls in streets are attacked with acid and cutter for not putting on proper veil
• Women are stoned and thrown down from high points for alleged sexual charges
• Taraneh Moussavi an Iranian demonstrator was burnt after being raped by revolutionary guards
• Iran has the highest ranking for women suicide among Middle East countries
• …

The few above mentioned facts, make it quite clear why the Iranian people and Iranian resistance call the mullahs regime the godfather of ISIS, and why the Iranian people see Maryam Rajavi as their only point of hope. Maryam Rajavi is the leader of a resistance that has made the whole world aware of Iran’s secret nuclear activities. Beyond that, she has stressed that the threat of Iran’s fundamentalism is 100 times more than its nuclear threat. In 1993, by publishing a book, the Iranian resistance called “Islamic Fundamentalism” the new threat for the world, yet this call was disregarded. And now, the world is faced with a wave of fundamentalism that is the direct outcome of West’s policy of appeasement with mullahs. Now the awakened conscience of the people of the world have joined the Iranian resistance and in a united front and in the great gathering of Iranian resistance on June 13th will shout ” no to fundamentalism – yes to a free and non-nuclear Iran. No to medieval misogyny and no to terrorism.”



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